Planning Ahead

When you make arrangements now, long before need, your family will never be forced to make costly and traumatic decisions.  Families with a plan to purchase cemetery property can save up to 30% during their pre-planning arrangements.  Families should take advantage of our pre-planning now to avoid any higher cost of inflation.  Our interest free programs allow families to make the necessary decisions in advance, not putting a financial burden on their loved ones at the time of need.  With over 4 million families in our area, burial space is rapidly dwindling.  By acting now you have the first choice of location at the lowest price.  Planning now will give you peace of mind and security for the rest of your life.

If you are interested in exploring the option of pre-planning ahead please  CLICK HERE  to either request an appointment with one of our caring professionals, or to have information sent to your home or e-mail address.

"The only truly dead are those who have been forgotten"
- Jewish Proverb

The Right Property For You

Selecting burial property is an extremely personal choice and your decision may be guided by a number of factors including family tradition, location, cost, and personal preference.  Mount Sinai cemetery offers a variety of burial and interment options.  We encourage you to contact us so that we can help guide you through the process.

Pre-Planning Kit

For more information to be mailed out, please complete the form in the Contact us for your free pre-planning kit to be mailed out to you with general information of the cemetery and steps to take to pre-need your final wishes.
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